What IDE do you use?

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What IDE do you use?

Postby JimC » 28. February 2007 22:27

Is any one IDE much better than the others? I am running SuSE Linux.
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Postby JKMickelson » 04. March 2007 08:41

I have not tried the other IDEs. I purchased and use Zend IDE and found it to be a very effective tool for writing, debugging, and maintaining PHP code.

However, because it is not as fast as a natively written application (it uses Java), once a tricky piece of PHP code is finished, I resort back to using a standard editor like Notepad++, Crimson Editor, or vi.

Zend has a very responsive support team and has never left me stranded with an unresolved problem. I use Zend IDE for commercial and non-commercial development.

Here is a link to a large number of PHP IDEs with a detailed description and a short review of each one.

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