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Re: XAMPP bin locations and Net::SSLeay install...

PostPosted: 05. September 2003 16:37
by hofedijw

The install went perfect. This program saved me hours of compiling.

But now I am trying to understand how to make the rest of the system realize that the programs are in /opt/lampp/ instead of /bin, /sbin, and /usr.
I have made links to some of the directories and had to add a few links to some lib files (mainly openssl which seems to be my problem). For webmin, I tried to install Net::SSLeay (for webmin SSL) and I get lots of file not found errors compiling even though I told it to look for openssl in /opt/lampp (which it found)).

I am afraid I am going to have the same type of problems when I install other programs that use openssl on the server. Net::SSLeay said that it needed to compile with the same compiler as perl and openssl.

I am using RedHat 8 on a Pentium 4 server. Any ideas?? Other than that SSL issue, everything is perfect


PostPosted: 05. September 2003 22:29
by nemesis
have you tested it with the developer package? its on the Xampp for windows page listed