LAMPP 1.6 Q: Reinstall & Release Notes

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LAMPP 1.6 Q: Reinstall & Release Notes

Postby Raven737 » 19. February 2007 10:25


I would like to reinstall xampp, but how do i do that? (no info in faq)
Is deleting all /opt/lampp files and folder and then just extracting the new version into the same place ok?
I don't have any important other files (htdocs etc) in there yet.

Also, it appears that the the release notes are quite out of date:

Last entry is for 1.5.4a!?

Never mind my previous question about the MySQL version, i was connecting to the wrong machine :oops:

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Postby sari42 » 20. February 2007 12:08

[2007-02-18] XAMPP for Linux 1.6

This version of XAMPP includes:
- Apache 2.2.4
- MySQL 5.0.33
- PHP 4.4.5
- PHP 5.2.1
maybe it came from your cache -
or it was updated meanwhile ;)
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