Compiling mod_jk with XAMPP

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Compiling mod_jk with XAMPP

Postby gdeckler » 07. February 2007 20:32

OK, I realize that this isn't specifically an XAMPP related issue (probably) but figured somebody might have been down this path.

Trying to compile mod_jk from source on an XAMPP box. Got past several hurdles (see XAMPP Apache 2.2.2 and mod_jk post) and was able to issue a "make" command. Everything is going great and then receive 'errror: syntax error before "apr_off_t"'. I get lots of these and the a bunch of errors 'error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type' which I get a lot of and then it ends with make[1]: ..."Error 1". I don't get anything in my apache-2.0 directory and I can't find a "" file anywhere.

I figure it didn't work but can't come up with why it failed miserably.

Any insight is appreciated.
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