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finding username and passwd for xampp

PostPosted: 04. February 2007 13:03
by belokan2
Hi, I wanted to access the xampp management page,
but I forgot the user id and the password that I used when
I installed xampp. How can I find out the id and passwd?

PostPosted: 20. February 2007 06:57
by jfoc
Check the password from /opt/lampp/lib/xampp.users

Best Regards,
Joko Frank Octo

PostPosted: 21. February 2007 22:44
by mojsgojs
I have the same problem, I can now see my password, but where can I find username?

PostPosted: 26. February 2007 22:57
by JKMickelson
I believe the default user is "lampp"

If you used xampp to change the passwords, the user should still be "lampp"


PostPosted: 06. May 2007 03:46
by ricpp87
thank you so much...that advise really helped. I had the same problem... :lol:

I can't login either

PostPosted: 22. April 2008 10:52
by janosch999

I just installed Xammp (Lammp) on Ubuntu. Which worked fine. I used the security option to set a password. There was no mention of a username. When I try to acces localhost, username and password are asked. I tried different usernames (nobody, lampp, xampp). Nothing works. Does anyone have an update on the information previous posted in this thread?


PostPosted: 01. June 2008 17:23
by puppylnx
The two files that security creates are .htaccess and .pswrd (something like that with a dot at the begining) looking at them will tell you what the user name is. If you still cant log in just change the name of these 2 files or remove them. They are also moveable so if you have them functioning some where else just copy and paste them into xampp. You may need to change the directory of the password file in htaccess.

Re: finding username and passwd for xampp

PostPosted: 01. February 2013 02:14
by richie01
for MYSQL the username is root as shown below and you just set a password
for PhpMyAdmin you set a username and password (most people see two boxes and assume it's both password boxes)


MySQL SuperUser: root

Current passwort:
New password:
Repeat the new password:

PhpMyAdmin authentification: http cookie

---- Security risk! ----
Safe plain password in text file?
(File: C:\xampp\security\security\mysqlrootpasswd.txt)



---- Security risk! ----
Safe plain password in text file?
(File: C:\xampp\security\security\xamppdirpasswd.txt)