How can i install openca with xampp ?

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How can i install openca with xampp ?

Postby epp798 » 26. January 2007 20:10

Hello you have done a great job !! But i have a small problem , i tried to install openca and i get some errors.
When openca installs normally i can run it from https://localhost but i think that the problem with xampp is that
it has not a clearly apache path (like /usr/local/apache).

More specificate when i configure openca i give these commands

./configure --with-openssl-prefix=/usr/local/ssl --with-openca-user=root --with-openca-group=nogroup
--with-web-host= --with-httpd-user=nobody --with-httpd-group=nogroup --with-httpd-fs-prefix=/usr/local/apache

and i am afraid that the errors i get are from this command --with-httpd-fs-prefix=/usr/local/apache ,
i replace this command with --with-httpd-fs-prefix=/opt/xampp but the problem exist.

Also the others package like openldap, ssl etc are installed correctly

If you know something about how i can install openca with xampp you would help me a lot

Thank you
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