Too many httpd started

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Too many httpd started

Postby AsenMan » 13. January 2007 01:00

In tasks i have a too many httpd proces and my server have a very cpu usage and overheaded.
Please help me to configure this server.
This is a screen with proceses:
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Postby xnemesis » 19. January 2007 04:33

I presume you had problems and kept doing something and starting xampp? kill all of them. I'm not sure what distrib of linux you are on, but attempt to stop via xampp first (./lampp stop) else kill httpd and if that fails killall httpd. Or a restart of your computer.
I doubt this is a configuration issue, just as above starting it too many times =)
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Too many 'httpd' processes started?

Postby NorWest » 11. April 2007 01:24

Chris Winters in his 'Paper on mod_perl' notes that 'Apache uses a pre-forking model
to handle many web requests at once. What this means is that on startup, the httpd
program (known as the parent) will spawn a number of children, each of which is a
fully functioning web server.'

The number of httpd processes you see may be normal your installation. I see 8 when
I look at the active process with 'ps -ef|grep htttpd'.

Check to find his paper.

Regards, NorWest
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