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Suggestion for next Lampp

Postby Joesucks1 » 25. August 2003 17:32

Now that you got me addicted to XAMPP which is a wonderful software, here is my proposal for next release.
Integrate PHPNuke into the release, drive everything if not most of it off MySQL and make the forums very much functional with PHPNuke.

I would love to be part of the development and help you in any way, I am already running parts of these software mostly on top of LAMPP.

P.S -> I use LAMPP exclusively, it runs like a champ :D.

Also you can PM me to see how I drive everything off of XAMPP and view my site, I would love to show you some of the stuff you made possible with your wonderful software.

Postby Kristian Marcroft » 26. August 2003 19:23


I know Lampp is a great thing...
Otherwise, I wouldn't be supporting it...
But I have to say something to your posting...
I'm really sorry and I can't speak for Kai, but...
I do not think it is a good idea to add a PHPNuke to LAMPP...
Quite simple...
If we start adding things as PHPNuke, somebody else will come and want phpBB and the next person will want god only knows what kind of script added to LAMPP...
Not everybody needs such scripts...
I for example only use Xampp as a Dev. Env.
Adding PHPNuke as an AddOn...might be ok...
but not integradted as a Base System...

I do not want to insult you or anybody else in this Forum, but I think we make people an easy way of setting up an Webserver...
I do not think we should support the lazyness in adding every script there is on the net...
We've made it easy for people to set up the Basic system, now it's your turn to do something...
So if you want a PHPNuke, do so :)
Good Luck *g*

So long
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Postby joesucks » 03. September 2003 19:41

I totally agree with you, moreover I didn't want to take off on a tangent and add everything that is out there to XAMPP, just becuase its available either. But my point was to make it a total solution out of the box, you already have Apache, MySQL and the next step would be is to have some kind of portal and a forum which PHP Nuke readily augments. In any case mine was only a suggestion didn't mean to offend anybody.
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