Alternate port for mysql

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Alternate port for mysql

Postby maino82 » 19. December 2006 06:31


I've got kind of a weird setup that I was hoping someone might have some insight into. I have a webserver running apache and mysql (viz xampp) on ports 80 and 3316 respectively. I then want to have a separate webserver and mysql running to use for mythtv and the associated database and plugins, which will run on ports 81 and 3306. The setup works ok when the first setup (the xampp setup) is running on 3306, and the 2nd is running on 3316, except that mythfrontend cannot find the mysql database for some reason if it's not on port 3306. When I try and change the xampp port to 3316 (I've been trying to change the my.cnf file but I'm not sure if this is the correct file) it still tries to start up on 3306 and since both can't run on the same port, one of them will fail. Is there another file somewhere in the xampp setup that I should be trying to edit, or another place where I can change the port? Is there a better way to do this, like making both apache instances access the same database? Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.
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Postby deepsurfer » 19. December 2006 10:11

at first.. why you need two webservers ??
- if not possible to to use one webserver and one mysql for two webcontent or why you will two of this.


xampp#1 works fine on apache-pot 80 and mysql-port 3316 with webcontnet number one.
(you have change this in the my.cnf, because the mysql standard port is 3306 !!)
Have you change in php.ini the port 3306 too. ????

xampp#2 desired work on apache-port 81 and mysql-port 3306 for the mythtv content.

For xampp#2 you must edit
- httpd.conf change "LISTEN 80" to "LISTEN 81"
- httpd-ssl.conf change "Listen 443" to "Listen 445"
- my.cnf change nothing, because xampp#2-mysql desired work on standard 3306 and no changes in the php.ini

Normaly now the xampp#2 must start, check out this.

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