Apache not online!!

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Apache not online!!

Postby rsumbaly » 16. December 2006 13:45

I'm setup the whole package and it works perfectly fine. I've loaded some "php" pages in the htdocs file and when I do a "localhost" on my computer I can see the php files very well. But when I try accessing the webpages from outside (on our LAN) using http://<ip of computer> I'm getting a timed out.

What could be the problem? Do I need to switch Apache on to work for outsiders (am a newbie!!)? It seems to work well atleast on local computer on which I've installed.

Thanking in advance,
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Postby Zaba » 17. December 2006 08:40

Maybe you have some kind of firewall that blocks them?
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Postby deepsurfer » 17. December 2006 11:46

Zaba wrote:Maybe you have some kind of firewall that blocks them?


and you must build a portforward with TCP port 80 in your router to forward the http-requests (port 80) to the LAN-Ip of the xampp-pc.

please call a friend for testing http://internet-ip <<--- ip of your Inetconnect to look if your webserver iss running.

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Thank you!!

Postby rsumbaly » 17. December 2006 15:38

Thank you ... I will try it out and tell you'll tomorrow
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