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Postby BlueThunder » 03. December 2006 03:05

Can someone tell me how to set up ASP functionality in XAMPPs Apache?

I tried Apache::ASP, but I think I didn't set it up correctly...

Any tips?
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Postby deepsurfer » 03. December 2006 03:18

have you install the PERL-Addon for XAMPP ?

in this perl-addon ist the Perl Modul “Apache::ASP” for display ASP-Site with Apache.

additional information:
(archive )

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Postby fredbird67 » 08. December 2006 01:55

I too would really like to know how to run ASP scripts on XAMPP with something like Apache-ASP. On my PC at home, I absolutely balked at the idea of upgrading to Windows XP a few years ago due to the activation system and how it can rear its ugly head if you upgrade your computer's hardware, and to me, that was unacceptable, and that's what made me decide to switch to Linux, although I took it slowly until I was comfortable in leaving Windows behind for good.

However, where I work is a completely different story, as it's a completely Windows world at work. What's more, I've been asked to create a few pages that use ASP, and I'd really like to be able to test my ASP scripting efforts at home, but cannot for the life of me find any clear instructions on installing Apache-ASP for use on XAMPP. I have created a couple of websites that use PHP on XAMPP on my Linux box, and PHP is my personal favorite server-side scripting language of choice, but that, unfortunately, is not my decision to make where I work. :x
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