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Apache 4.1 Alpha - using LAMPP - how to do it?

PostPosted: 21. August 2003 22:27
by ChadBaus
I am trying to install the 4.1 alpha release over the top of the 4.0.x official release and I really like the way that LAMPP sets things up in RedHat. I can't get PHPMyAdmin to recognize 4.1 though - can someone please outline some steps for this beginner on how I can upgrade to 4.1 from 4.0 using LAMPP? Thanks!

PostPosted: 22. August 2003 21:16
by Oswald
Dear ChadBaus!

Apache 4.0?? Or do you talk about MySQL?


Apache 2.0.47, not Apache 4.1 Alpha - my bad! I meant MySQL

PostPosted: 24. August 2003 17:59
by ChadBaus
Yeah, I did mean MySQL 4.1 alpha - I was very tired when writing this message - any ideas or help you can pass along? I'm a newbie at this and could really use the assistance.


PostPosted: 24. August 2003 19:27
by Oswald
Dear ChadBaus!

Are you using LAMPP? If yes try this way:

1. Extract the mysql-xxx-tar.gz archive
2. Change into extracted directory: cd mysql-xxx
3. Call ./configure
4. Call make install
5. Call cp /opt/lampp/etc/my.cnf /etc/my.cnf
6. Restart LAMPP

You shoud now use the new MySQL version.

I didn't try this out and if you occur any errors please report them here.