modPerl Xampp issue ? (REMOTE_USER)

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modPerl Xampp issue ? (REMOTE_USER)

Postby bercy46 » 24. November 2006 15:15


Xampp is installed on my Fedora core 5 machine.

I'm running a perl script from a directory that is protected with a .htaccess file.

I've setup apache to run as normal cgi if I access the file through /cgi-bin/..., and to run as mod-perl if accessed from /perl/...

If I run the script as normal cgi, I have access to $ENV{REMOTE_USER} to identify my user.

If I run the script as modPerl, that environment variable is not set.

Is that due to some Xampp configuration in httpd.conf or elsewhere, or is it just me that should know that $ENV{REMOTE_USER} is not set in modPerl ?

My question would then be : how do I know, in modPerl, what user is accessing my script ?

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