Custom 404 page x POST data

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Custom 404 page x POST data

Postby showy » 07. November 2006 01:41

Hello everyone,

I have XAMPP for Linux and installed in my Mandriva 2006 box.
I changed httpd.conf default 404 page to:

ErrorDocument 404 http://localhost/showy/showy.php

When a page that does not exist is reached, apache redirects it to showy.php ok.
The problem is: if I have a form page like this:

<form action="nonexistent.php" method="post">
Text: <input type="text" name="txt1"><br />
<input type="submit">

When I submit it, I get an empty $_POST array on my custom 404 page (showy.php)

According too PHP docs it should work fine. I suspect it's some parameter on httpd.conf that comes with XAMPP.

Has somebody gone through that ?

Emerson Ribeiro
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Postby Wiedmann » 07. November 2006 03:35

You have no acces to the origin $_GET, $_POST or $_REQUEST arrays in the errorpage script.
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