Error 500

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Error 500

Postby dlw » 02. November 2006 13:48

Keep getting 'Error 500'.
Did the security thing.
Entered a root password.
It said it worked.
Entered a user name and password.
It said it worked.

Error log said could not open password file.
The is no /xampp/security/xampp.users file.

Any ideas on how to solve this?

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Error 500

Postby glami » 24. November 2006 18:35

I also got this error and encountered a .htaccess in my http-root. This file restricted any webuser. I did not create this file by myself and I did not alter any config file of the apache2. It simply occurs from one second to another. So I guessed there was an attack.:evil:

I renamed the file (something like htaccess_old). After that, the error was gone. :D
I was able to reproduce this error and it reveals, that the installation process of a php-mysql-based site seems to create this file.

I installed that software before and never had any problems like this. But i changed the owner of the webroot fromm wwwrun to root again and the problem was gone.

Yes, i know, you shouldn't give the wwwrun access to the webroot-directory anyway. But it's still weired, that this htaccess-thing occours spontaneously (or so it seems).

Hope someone will find this useful


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