Huge memory usage!!

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Huge memory usage!!

Postby Waba » 02. October 2006 14:57

I am using XAMPP on my PC to run an IRC Bot.
The only problem is that it uses a lot of memory :shock:

if i run the function: memory_get_usage() it continually rises it doesnt stop!, i have set the max memory usage to 40MB.. but that isnt enough..

The script isnt causing the Problem.. when i run it on a friends server it stays at 500kb or so..

So i think it could be xampp :shock:

This is what i am using:

CPU: P3 450Mhz
Memory: 128MB
HD: 12,5 GB
Distro: Debian 3.1 Sarge
Xampp: 1.5.4a
PHP: 5.1.6

So i think it is a bug in XAMPP or something.. when i runned Windows 98, and installed my one Webserver on it it didnt happen, but with Xampp on linux it does :|

And i dont really know how to compile and put my one server to gether.
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same here

Postby boonting » 19. October 2006 09:39

i get the same problem, i have install in windows 2003 server.
The problem occur when i testing to print jasper report.
Tomcat logs, out of memory: permgen space

I think it might a bug for sun jdk, or xampp.
If got solution, please share with me.

May be u can check with the url. I am trying to follow
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Boon Ting
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