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backup server

Postby Johnno40 » 28. September 2006 22:14

Hi all,

Currently I've running two servers with xampp (and ubuntu).
Server 192.168.1.a as main server and 192.168.1.b as slave server.
At server 192.168.1.a runs and on 192.168.1.b .
At both servers I made a bind9 installation with all the master zones at 192.168.1.a and all the slave zones (copy of the master zones) at 192.168.1.b
Xampp was installed at both servers, because I liked to be server b as backup in case of breakdown and as backup mailserver.
Tried configuring apache to resolv the correct documentroots via Vhosts.
Server a is doing great, but all the request for subdomains for the b-server don't work and give the standard server at the b-server.
From outside the nework a request for resolvs in standard server.

How to configure this?
I thought portforwarding is an option to acces the second server but still worry about DNS-settings and apache to be right.
Someone has a clue?

Kind Regards,

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Installation on Ubuntu

Postby UbuntuDavid » 27. November 2006 15:01

Would some one who has been successful at installing xampp on ubuntu give tell me how to install it? I tried to extract the file into the opt directory but it will not allow me and I am new to linux and ubutu. Please be specific especially if tellng me how to use a terminal or the gui. I would love to run my ubuntu as root when doing these things but I do not know how.


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Postby Johnno40 » 27. November 2006 19:10

Hello David;

When you're new to UBUNTU try: .
Nice readalble site with some must to have basics in LINUX.
Try change the root password and login as root.

Or use su root <command>

Then untar the file and you're running!!

Kind regards,

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problem solved

Postby Johnno40 » 27. November 2006 20:36

Hi everyone,

Problem I entered is solved bij forwarding the virtual host at host A with:

UseCanonicalName off
Redirect /

Do some router portforwarding to your second host.
This keeps the domain local and forward it external.

It works fine with me. Only thing is that I can see in the adress. I hope some day I find out to get ride of the :81 !!

Mayby someone got a clue there?

Would appriciate this! :P

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