WebDAV HowTo for XAMPP... configuration???

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WebDAV HowTo for XAMPP... configuration???

Postby jerri » 28. September 2006 20:28

I thought I would post with a new thread since my question has changed.

I am looking for a howto on using WebDAV with XAMPP for linux.

And, I am looking for information on whether I need to configure WebDAV before I can use it.

Amaya has a feature for WebDAV, so, this is what I am looking for, but I don't have a clue on where to begin.

I have the Amaya HOWTO on how to use the browser/editor to edit content using WebDAV to access the XAMPP server.


What I want to understand is what I need to utilize this feature with XAMPP, and any configuration I may need.

I have a home network to experiment with, but I would like to create a public server I can edit using Amaya's and XAMPP's WebDAV feature.


I started my question a little differently, but my objective was the same (how to use Amaya to edit pages on XAMPP, though, WebDAV support seems to come already with XAMPP (and on Amaya), so this is the form of my new question... wrather than the more complicated method I asked about in my first thread:

How to configure PUT method with Apache for use with Amaya

http://community.apachefriends.org/f/viewtopi ... 5690#85690

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Support for this topic (plus another request)

Postby lowerCaseMe » 16. October 2006 11:57


Being not so handy with Apache config myself, i second this request. I have been trying to get webdav working but, alas, no results. I'd love to have some kind of preconfigured setting ready or some kind of setup script if possible.

Also, i'd love to get Subversion in Xampp as well. It would give a great unexperienced developers a great boost.
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