How to configure PUT method with Apache for use with Amaya

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How to configure PUT method with Apache for use with Amaya

Postby jerri » 28. September 2006 08:31

I am in a bit of predicament... I'm am trying to use amaya from w3c for editing my XAMPP apache installation... though I am learning I need to configure PUT method in apache first (As I can't upload with Amaya)... I was reading that there is a way to do this with PHP... thing is I am a total newbie... All I want to do is be able to edit my website with Amaya browser editor from W3C.

I am a newbie so hopefully this can help others as well who want to use an App like this to upload their files with the PUT method over http.

I found this URL which explains a lot of the details, but I was looking for a script I might be able to install, to handle this, if one has been prebuilt. ... p-put.html

Ok, I found a way around this using WebDav but I don't know much about it other than, it is supported by Amaya browser editor, and by XAMPP.

I have the latest version of XAMPP as of this writting.

I found this article for a windows based version of XAMPP for setting up WebDav. ... b1b89bdd6d


I moved my new question to another thread:
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