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XAMPP backups

Postby RAJ » 20. September 2006 17:02

Two related questions:

What is backed up when running /opt/lampp/lampp backup <pwd>?

I ask because the read-out lists only configuration, databases, log & htdocs files. What about cgi-bin, perl-bin, user-defined mod_perl config files, and any other user-configured directories? Would I retrieve an identical set-up if I restored the backup file over a fresh installation of XAMPP v1.5.4?

Also can I run the backup via a cron so I can have the .sh file regularly e-mailed to a safe place? The backup process needs to run as root, and I don't know if it's safe (or possible) to do this via cron (where does the password go?). Keeping the backup files local is not going to help if I get a total disk failure.
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