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Small problem...

PostPosted: 13. September 2006 15:39
by MrWizard
First thing...I ONLY understand english. I can't search the forums since they aren't translated to english.

My configuration:
Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 10
Xampp Linux 1.5.4

It installed fine but I ran into a problem with MySQL. I added a user into the database with a password. If I try to access through PHPMyAdmin it won't allow me. (This is after placing info into configuration file.) This is my first time using Xampp on Linux.
I have it running great on Windows. Too bad Windows SUCKS!!!

Any help with this will be most appreciated.

PostPosted: 13. September 2006 15:47
by deepsurfer
After adding the User in mySQL (with phpmyadmin) you must "Reload MySQL". (internal restart with reload usercounts)

You can "reload mysql" over the phpmyadmin interface (looks like a LINK).

after this, normaly, the new users can login.
have you give for this user the right privileges ?

Thanks for the reply.

PostPosted: 13. September 2006 18:41
by MrWizard
Got it working right now. Thank you very much for your fast response.