cant not acess myphpadmin

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cant not acess myphpadmin

Postby doggtagg » 17. August 2006 00:28

I cant not acess myphpadmin do to password protected directory.. how do i remove or change the password. i am runing version 1.5.1 on slackware 10.2 (in case that somhow matters)
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password protected directory under apache

Postby eddi65 » 17. August 2006 15:07


i guess the correct name is phpMyAdmin.

Anyway, if you know the correct directory name and location, you should find inside an invisible file (invisible because of the dot before the name of the file), called .htaccess.

By typing "ls -a", your linux should show all these kind of files.

Try to delete the .htaccess "rm .htaccess" or to rename it (mv .htacces htacces.bak)

Off-Topic: slackware 10.2 is getting older, you should have a look at
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