White page with SSH2+PHP4

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White page with SSH2+PHP4

Postby cybercandyman » 09. August 2006 15:45


In first, excuse me for my poor english.
I'm looking for a solution since several day in order to get working xampp correctly.
I have to use SSH2 with PHP 4 on my redhat, so i have installed all the required library (openssl, openssl-devel ...) and edit my php.ini to load the ssh2.so.
with the following command
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php -m

the result show that the extension is loaded, but when i call my script, the result is a white page, no error !
For information, i have already an apache server 1.3 with php 4.3,ssh2 on the same computer and whith the same script the result is good.
If some one could help me,

Thanks :)

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Postby cybercandyman » 10. August 2006 09:04

Always the same ...
but in the error_log an error is registered at each call of my script who contains the ssh2 connection :
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[notice] child pid $PID exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

any idea ?

++ Cyril.
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Postby AngelSL » 04. September 2006 10:37

Its a Segmentation fault. Your module probaly wasen't installed properly, try re-installing
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