Try to load index.php & my browser askes me to download

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Try to load index.php & my browser askes me to download

Postby matthewjamesnewton » 04. August 2006 21:27


I try to load the index.php (this happens to other files not just index.php) directory that I've moved into the root directory and my browsers will ask me to download it. This only happens some times, its sorta speratic If I load the page once then it will work.. I hit refresh or visit it again really quick and my browser will ask me to download it. I'll leave for like a minute or more and come back and it wont ask me and it will work fine. I think it might have something todo with OB_START in PHP but im not sure.

Other php files can execute fine too, while this is all going on PhpMyAdmin loads flawlessly... This code is working got on other servers but this one.


For some reason when I try to connect to mysql in php localhost & it wont work. If I type in the full IP it works (

I think this might be a problem with fedora 5 (probably just dont have something setup right.
I can ping through a terminal though.
Any Ideas

My Distro: Fedora 5
How I'm getting the files onto the server: FTP

Any ideas, please help!?
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what does your file hosts say?

Postby eddi65 » 17. August 2006 15:20

you can normally find it in the directory /etc
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