[XAMPP 1.5.3a] How to use SQLITE 3 ?

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[XAMPP 1.5.3a] How to use SQLITE 3 ?

Postby Bismut » 27. July 2006 12:14

Hi, forgive me for my low english, I'm french...
I love XAMPP and I'd like to create a SQLite3 manager for a card collection...

I can create and manage SQLite2 files with sqlite_open or sqlite_query...

But I'd like to use SQLite3 now, and I read that XAMPP 1.5.3a includes SQLite 3 so I was wondering how to activate it and use it ?
I read something about PDO and PDO_SQLITE, but it's included inside isn't it ?

So how can I execute simple actions like sqlite_open or sqlite_query but for SQLite3 ?

Thank you very much for your help... :D
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