how to handle huge size of table in mysql? urgent

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how to handle huge size of table in mysql? urgent

Postby basbosco » 06. July 2006 08:42


I am using lampp in fedora core 4. i have 2gb of RAM with good configuraiton.

The problem is mysqld is utilizing 99% of cpu. I have four cpus.

How to use 4 cpus for mysql?

Is they any fine tuning will be done in my.cnf. I have given enough memoy for system variables.

What is the maximum concurrent conneciton for mysql?

another problem is one table we have 450MB of size. while clicking the link. it is refering and the particular table and it takes time to process.
in the table we have lacks of records in it.

can u suggest me how to proceed this issue.

I am expecting your positive reply from this forum.

Thanks and Regards
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