Mount a web server?

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Mount a web server?

Postby Joseba » 20. June 2006 08:32

Hi. Can anyone say me how to mount a web server? I mean, to access my PHP site developed under XAMPP, throught my IP address from outside.

I have ADSL and a router, where i heve mapped the 80 port to the server machine. I have to do something else? configure the httpd.conf? create a domain?

I can access on the local area entering my local IP, but from outside with my real IP I can't.

Thanks. Cya
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Postby eight9offsuit » 28. June 2006 05:32

I'm not sure where you're from or who your ISP is, but most ISP's here in the US block port 80 in order to prevent people from hosting sites and stuff on servers in their homes. That's probably why you're not able to access it from outside the network.
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test the port here

Postby » 02. July 2006 15:50

To test your network externally, I recommend this site. Just plug in port number 80 and hit submit.

It will check your external connectivity.

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