MySQL cannot be started from xampp control panel

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MySQL cannot be started from xampp control panel

Postby zooray » 19. June 2006 22:15

Hi all
After several trys and finally....I made xampp to run and after setting password for XAMPP directory and the password for MySQL have now following problem

MySQL cannot be started from xampp control panel
mysql service not started [-1]

http://localhost/ don`t work anymore.


Die Anfrage kann nicht beantwortet werden, da im Server ein interner Fehler aufgetreten ist. Der Server ist entweder überlastet oder ein Fehler in einem CGI-Skript ist aufgetreten.

I read somewhere that it requires to install xampp-perl-addon-5.8.7-2.2.2-installer.exe, but trying to install it gives me error of xampp win32 not found unable to get the install path

and the next step was to correct the path by running setup_xampp.bat
and this throws error of Sorry ... cannot find php cli!

My setup
I am behind cabel modem

Where do I went wrong? :wink:
waiting for your kind words!!!

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