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Postby keepsedge » 19. June 2006 04:18

look it up on www.sourceforge.net

build and compile apache 1.3.31 your way with the mods you need. Its really not all that hard to do. Im no master hacker / programer, and I managed.

Im sure Apachefriends dont mind a little shareing of technologies with in the GNU/GPL group. Though XAMPP isnt GPL.. but meh.

anyway, Ive been using this since i ditched windows, and i find it easier then XAMPP.
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Re: apachetoolbox

Postby Kristian Marcroft » 19. June 2006 20:31

keepsedge wrote: Though XAMPP isnt GPL.. but meh.


XAMPP sure is GPL!
Please readup on our licences.
We can only supply XAMPP as GPL as we are using GPL Software for XAMPP!

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