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Postby karan84 » 11. June 2006 08:18

i hav installed XAMPP(for LINUX)
but where dhould i store my PHP scripts,i.e,
in which directory .what should i write in the brwser to access those scripts
remember i am working in LINUX

somebody please help me out

i have copy my web page into /opt/lampp/htdocs and i dont see it.

i go to http://localhost/index.html and this is the error i have :The requested URL /index.html was not found on this server.

where did i go wrong?
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Postby Compact » 15. June 2006 13:48

have you checked if the extension of that file is html or htm?
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Postby keepsedge » 19. June 2006 03:27

first of all, your pages with php content should have a .php extention not .html

next, http://localhost/ will refer to whatever your document root is directed to.

So go to where ever you installed XAMPP (i hope /usr/local/src/) and then find in the conf/ dir, httpd.conf

open in vi

once opened search for DocumentRoot
Code: Select all

that usually says something like
or something.. anyway tahts where your scripts go.

I run a normal install of apache, with mod_perl, and mod_php, so thats how mines set u, I havent needed XAMPP in about a year and a half.

If its that hairy, i can ssh to ya and look for myself.
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