Flash plugin wont install

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Flash plugin wont install

Postby GreatDane » 05. June 2006 15:35


I have recently installed XAMPP on Fedora Core 5 and tried to run the Flash Art only to be told that i was missing the Macromedia Flash Plugin.

Firstly i tried downloading a plugin through firefox - and even though this said it had been installed, when i refreshed the page it said it was still missing.

Next i downloaded the Flash 7 pugin from the macromedia site and followed the install instructions. I wasn't too sure where to install it to, so i simply installed it to all three of the following locations (testing the plugin, with no luck each time).:


After all of this my firefox browser still claims its missing the Flash plugin! What do people suggest i try next?

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Postby crusty_collins » 05. June 2006 22:06

1. What is the exact error message.
2. What does the /opt/lampp/logs/error_log say about it?
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