proftd users and directory problems

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proftd users and directory problems

Postby xombie » 21. May 2006 18:00

Alright i got it all running, iam behind a router, and forward ports 21 for ftp, and 80 for http, and 443 for https

my question is, i addeded to user via useradd, then i changed the password for passwd command i added 2 users...

User one logins in with no problem but to my home directory i want it to login to the directory /opt/lampp/htdocs - this user will be the user so i can create the webpage and what not..

But user two, when i try to login says password invalid i tried changing this users password several times and what not, its all correct but still says invalid.. im assuming user two also connects to home directory, and i want that one to goto the home directory but only be able to access the directory stuff which is in my home directory

in the proftpd.conf the documentroot is ~

I have no clue what iam doing wrong, if someone can help me fix the password error, and the directory error for user one that would be greatly apperciated..

iam just learning linux so try and make this as easy as you can for me, thanks..
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Postby deepsurfer » 22. May 2006 16:58

two ways..

make an symbol-LINK from /opt/lampp/htdocs to System-USERfolder


edit the /etc/passwd and set the Userpath to the folder you will
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Postby xombie » 22. May 2006 18:29

Alright i got it working where all users can login in,

The main user which points to the htdocs directory can upload/delete/create etc

but the secondary user that points to the directory /home/arottenmind/stuff
cannot upload, they get a critical transfer error?

maybe his permissions are not set proberly, and i have no clue where to set them
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