XAMPP (LAMPP) 1.5.x on Linux not responding

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XAMPP (LAMPP) 1.5.x on Linux not responding

Postby jocke4u » 19. May 2006 19:43


I have had a Fedora Core 4 with LAMPP 1.5.1 for a while, then started to get problems with a non responding server. Upgraded to FC5 having the same LAMPP package, still the same problem. Yesterday I reinstalled the OS with FC5 and moving the LAMPP 1.5.1 and upgraded to 1.5.2. It have been working for some 15-20 h but then the system stops responing. After while I got logged in and could perform /opt/lampp/lampp stop and the server started to work again.

Any idea how to diagnose this and how to fix eventually problems?

Otherwise I will have to setup the apache, mysql and PHP manually.
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