OCI activate error

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OCI activate error

Postby sang_sorn » 10. May 2006 12:06

[root@192 ~]# /opt/lampp/lampp oci8

Please enter the path to your Oracle or Instant Client installation:
[/opt/oracle] /home/oracle

dirname: too few arguments
Try `dirname --help' for more information.
Can't find libclntsh.so nicht. Sorry.

why my server looklike this.
I'm install on fedora core 3
and already install oracle client.

please help krub,

Thank in advance krub.
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I already fix it by hard code in script sir.

Postby sang_sorn » 31. August 2006 11:26

in /{lampp home}/share/lampp/
vi oci8install

fix line

libclntsh=`find $ora_home -name "libclntsh.so.[9,10]*" | head -1`

# Since XAMPP for Linux 1.4.15 we shouldn't need this any more...
libwtc=`find $ora_home -name "libwtc9.so" | head -1`
libdir="`dirname $libclntsh`" #<error ที่นี่เพราะคำสั่ง find ขางต้นมันหาไม่เจอ เลย find เองแล้ว HardCode เลย
echo $libdir > /opt/lampp/etc/lampp/oraclelib

then run it
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