Will Fedora Core 5 support XAMPP

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Will Fedora Core 5 support XAMPP

Postby Ishmael » 25. April 2006 15:48


I hope some of you can read English because i certainly can't read German!

I would like to know if XAMPP will run properly on Fedora Core 5?

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Postby Fabre » 26. April 2006 07:42

A quick search on the forum showed people got it to work on Red Hat and Fedora Core 4.

If you have Fedora Core 5 already running just give it a try, but do read the Linux Faq.
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Postby Joseba » 29. April 2006 13:35

I have installed now Xampp with FC5 and looks like that work well. If I have any problem I'll put here.

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Fedora Core 5

Postby hammer » 05. May 2006 15:41

I have installed Fedorea Core 5 on a fresh machine and then installed XAMPP-Linux-1.5.2. I got XAMPP started fine, but I cannot access it from another machine.

Unfortunately, I cannot test as localhost becase I set this up as a non-graphical server.

I don't know if it is a firewall problem yet - I turned off SELinux feature per the FAQ but that did not seem to help. Ethereal is telling me the connection is being administratively refused.

I'll keep trying over the next couple of days and report back. Any suggestions in the meantime are appreciated.

*** Updated on May 8
I ran nmap on both the client and the XAMPP server. Port 80 shows as listening on the localhost (server side), but on the client side, I only see ports 664? and 22 as open in the default install. It is looking more like a firewall issue, and I will have a look at that.

**** Updated on May 11
I was able to get it working - the default firewall install on FC5 does not allow http server traffic.

I used the package system-config-security-tui to open the firewall and allow http, ftp and https. Note that I had selinux running with the default permissions and FC5 had all updates applied through 26.04.2006.

I performed all these functions as root including lampp start, which may be why SELinux was not complaining. I am not sure if I have opened a security hole this way) ! This machine is not on the internet at the moment, so I don't need to panic, but I am concerned, and will be looking into it.

I hope this post will help someone.

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Postby tin » 08. May 2006 16:30

I installed XAMPP on a FC5 installation two weeks ago. There was no problem, all services were available.

But today I can't start it anymore - got error messages...

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