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PostPosted: 23. April 2006 22:25
by rensu
Should I set XAMPP into password? And if im setting it into password then I can't go to anymore. It's asking for password. Is it possible to remove it? Or what should I do? And is it possible to set phpSQLiteAdmin set to password or it's not needed?
Can someone help me please? Im pretty new on XAMPP.

PostPosted: 26. April 2006 07:48
by Fabre
If you are using Xampp only for development no need for password, but if it's for a production server set the passwords.

Process to set password is described on the installation page

Does that answer your question?


PostPosted: 27. April 2006 11:29
by rensu
Actually the problem is this: If i set a password for XAMPP. Others wont be able to use phpmyadmin because they don't know the password for xampp:(

PostPosted: 01. May 2006 14:59
by capitalfellow
Are you putting XAMPP onto a publically accessible environment? DON'T! XAMPP is not built for security or speed, it is purely a development environment.

PostPosted: 07. May 2006 12:24
by rensu
So I should better install manually mysql/php/apache2/phpmyadmin and such stuff?

PostPosted: 09. May 2006 15:30
by capitalfellow
The installation whether manually or via XAMPP is not the problem. It's how the environment is configured. XAMPP is configured with a focus on lots of features and just enough security. Having features turned on you don't use can affect performance. Not having the installation reasonably secured is a risk.

To get back to your question you could move the phpmyadmin installation from under the xampp directory (thereby getting around whether to set a password) and set it its own directory with the authentication changed to http or cookie.