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phpmyadminsql import

PostPosted: 31. March 2006 22:53
by perikitto
Hello everybody

How do I enable this option so that I can upload sql tables???


THANKS in advance

PostPosted: 01. April 2006 12:09
by perikitto
I was having a better look to the forum and I think it's going to be dificult to get an answer.

In that case I would like to know how you people do to upload sql tables


PostPosted: 02. April 2006 01:21
by Dave_L
Maybe I don't understand your problem. Click on the "Navegar..." button to select the .sql file that you want to import. Then click on the "Executa" button to perform the import.

PostPosted: 02. April 2006 05:13
by perikitto
Sorry, my fault :oops: :D

The function highlited in the picture is not there.

That screeshot was taken from a phpmyadmin on a windows server and that´s the feacture I want in my phpmyadmin in xampp runing in my linux server

PostPosted: 02. April 2006 16:58
by Dave_L
What version of phpMyAdmin do you have?

In recent versions (>=2.7 ?), that function has (apparently) been moved from the SQL tab to the Import tab.

PostPosted: 02. April 2006 18:02
by perikitto
hummmmmmm that's really bad news

My phpmyadmin version is 2.7.0-pl2 DAHHHHHHHMMMMMMM :D

but i´ve allready tried the import tab and aparently it freezes and eventually runs out of time

PostPosted: 02. April 2006 20:36
by Dave_L
I also had problems with importing in 2.7, but not the problem you're having. You could try upgrading to the latest version,

If that doesn't work, you could always use the mysql command.

PostPosted: 02. April 2006 21:01
by perikitto
Yes, I can use de mysql command but ... ... we all like thinks at 100% , don't we? :)

What i´ve done was DEupgrade to phpMyAdmin 2.6.4-pl4 lolOLOlol IT works :wink:

but you know what!!!??? the .sql file I was using to test the previous version had a mistake :? I can´t believe and maybe thats the reason of the import failure, but it´s quit strange the absence of a mistake message