configure Xampp to use Imap

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configure Xampp to use Imap

Postby zetta » 28. March 2006 10:46

Hello all , By thanking you in advance, I have a small problem relating to my configuration IMAP. I use a server Redhat 9, and I installed xampp which includes apache and mysql.
I have write a srcipt php which connects to my mail server to verifier if I have new messages.
But when I execute the script, I obtain this error: Error of connection to the waiter mall IMAP, it is a message which I added in my script and which is posted if the connexion with server IMAP is not established.
Script goes well on a server Windows xp, which uses xampp too.

I think that on my server redhat, xamp is not configured for used module IMAP well. I edit the file/opt/lampp/etc/php.ini but I haven't seen a line which content ...

I also edit /opt/lampp/etc/httpd.conf I see this line LoadModule imap_module modules/

How i can do to configure xamp and IMAP so that my script works well? Thank you
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