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Lots of questions, linux noob

PostPosted: 09. March 2006 20:11
by Smartkid
Ok for a while iv been using xampp on windows, and iv used apache befor, anyway everytime befor all i had to do was drop my files in the httdocs folder and BAM there on the internet!

Well now im turning this pc into a pure server, so im switching to linux. This is my first time using linux and its pretty cool and fun. I installed xmapp without a problem, but when i try to drag all my files to the htdocs folder i cant. something about permissions... I tryed to make myself a member of all the groups but that dident work... And I tryed to find the FTP thing but i dont know how to usew it eather... I liked filezilla alot better :( anyway can someone tell me how the hell im suppostoo put my files on the web!?! Im about to take a bat at this pc becuse this is driving me mad.


PostPosted: 09. March 2006 21:25
by jimbob
I feel your pain SmartKid, as I have a similiar scenario here. It's permissions, but I'm having exactly the same problem here.

PostPosted: 09. March 2006 21:38
by Smartkid
YAY i figured it out

all i had to do is login asthe user: root
and then permissions gone

i guess i live up to my name agin!
try that it worked for me