HowTo update YUM repository that apache etc. exist

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HowTo update YUM repository that apache etc. exist

Postby tophe » 25. February 2006 03:41

Firstly, a big *THANK YOU* for xampp.
Please be aware that I am VERY new to all things Linux.

I am now running xampp 1.5 on fedora core 4 with RoRox-RAILS (see this: ) bits and pieces...
I have RAILS projects running and viewable... Even visible to -external- prospective client... Of which I am... well, happy and proud!!

I was thinking about exploring the TRAC facility for Source/Project Mgt.

My problem is that, yum does NOT know about the existence of apache (etc.), a `YUM install trac` may well see NO apache and go forth to load another instance of same outside of xampp stack to a `standard` Fedora location... thus creating conflicts and grief

My questions, should anyone have the time to spare:
1. Having installed XAMPP, is it possible to update the YUM repository so that YUM "knows" it has Apache etc. is, in fact, installed?

2. Would it not be, (rhetorically!), a useful addition to the xampp/lampp comand set - OR, Install script - to update a yum repository. Or is that just simply not feasible?

Thanks in advance for any input.

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