mysql issues

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mysql issues

Postby alex905 » 12. February 2006 23:38

for some reason mysql dosent want to start im on the most recent version of xampp. i tryed makeing a lamp setup before this buit since i was only goann be tersting stuff i thought this would be the best option so mysql was installed before and for soem reason rpm -e mysql dident work because that package aperantly dident equsist neither did mysqld so i set about searching for mysql and emptying any file that mysql had made but it seems that sowmthing still remains because even with the command /opt/lampp/bin/mysql.server start i got nothing all there was were the noramal ....... for a line and then the red failed.

i theyed the setup command but it wasent there enless its under another name other then mysql.

any ideas because im out of them :(

im running fedora core by thw way
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