XAMPP tweaks??

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XAMPP tweaks??

Postby eth_0 » 06. February 2006 18:38

Can you help me with tweaking my server on XAMPP?
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Postby AlphaWolf » 06. February 2006 19:39

./lampp secure ?
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Postby eth_0 » 06. February 2006 21:47

Only this?

Another question: does 128MB RAM memory is enough for XAMPP 1.5.1 and BIGGGG forum with a lot of users online?
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Postby LazyOne » 07. February 2006 11:16

i dont think so.. hm
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Postby alex905 » 14. February 2006 01:03

well it should if the computer will only be used for the forum but it will be crapy and slow if its on a home connection.

i brought a server a few weeks ago and i will be installing da on it when my adsense money comes throught so next month or something and if you want host i can sort it either with a ad or cheep cos i need to make up the costs some how.

email me a kingofthemods@gmail.com if your inteested and i will see what i can offer you and what you want.
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