ProFTPd+MySQL & VirtualHost+MySQL -- MASS Virtual Hostin

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ProFTPd+MySQL & VirtualHost+MySQL -- MASS Virtual Hostin

Postby ReMBrU » 06. February 2006 02:38

excuseme my inglish is'n perfect, but I' like have a posibility of reseller mass vistualhosting whith XAMPP for Linux, the idea is implement the support modules the:

ProFTPd --> MySQL

Code: Select all
SQLConnectInfo          db@ user password
SQLHomedirOnDemand      on
SQLAuthenticate         users*
SQLAuthTypes            backend
SQLDefaultHomedir       /opt/lampp/htdocs/web1
SQLUserInfo             users userid passwd uid gid homedir shell
SQLGroupInfo            groups groupname gid members
SQLLog                  PASS updatecount
SQLNamedQuery           updatecount UPDATE "count=count+1 WHERE userid='%u'" users
SQLMinUserUID           500

# AND user cuotas please

VirtualHost with MySQL --> mod_v2h
-- without DNS (BIND)

this 2 modules precompiled, for more easy administracion of my clients

if it is possible, responds to you please in Spanish
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