Apache memory eater

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Apache memory eater

Postby MrtED » 31. January 2006 16:33

I have several apache processes using 180-200MB not doing anything... i'm using newest xampp...
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Postby Oswald » 01. February 2006 15:21

Sounds bad. Can anyone confirm this on his system? As far as I see an average Apache should be using about 25MB.

MrtED: What kind of techniques do you use? mod_perl or PHP, or ...? Did you change the configuration of XAMPP in any way?

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Postby LazyOne » 01. February 2006 18:46

i cant confirm that on my system, its runing smooth with no problems or too much ram "eating". my sys: suse 8.2, latest xampp, without perl, with php, of course, but its an really optimized php ini and httpd.conf (confs) dropped a lot of modules.
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Postby MrtED » 02. February 2006 09:42

I'm using php4 and mysql... i've installed 3 new pears - no special configuration in php.ini... upload and memory values increased... right now there's a few 25MB processes and a 59MB not doing anything...

it's a redhat which i cant change... if i decided it should be debian. :-)
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Postby audran » 07. February 2006 17:37

I have several httpd processes in process list, picture.
- Keskusmuisti = RAM
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I'm using xampp 1.5.1. Activated components MySQL, PHP4.41, eAccelerator.
No special changes in configuration, just to get Mambo running.
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Postby eth_0 » 09. February 2006 19:41

I have the same problem with apache Can anybody fixed it now?

Please help....
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