Password problems

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Password problems

Postby Thulemanden » 24. January 2006 02:02

Have it all set up again after some problems:

I was warned in myphpadmin that there were no passwords for root in mysql, so I added both in the interface, for linux and for localhost.

After that mysql was too broken. I deleted lots of stuff (very hard), rebooted and finally had xampp working again. This time I took heed and only created the first password for linux and it still works.

Thus no password for localhost.

How come this all is happening?

I ran the "lampp security" command and was guided to instate some passwords. After that the simple html page I was viewing required an initial password with lampp as user. Now I don't want my users/visitors (the world) to be barred by a password to my production webserver, so the password requirement for viewing html-files need to be removed. How can I do that?
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Maybe this:)

Postby cmanwalking » 24. January 2006 03:53

I just setup the XAMPP as same asyou. Maybe I can give you some advice:

First: The mysql password that you has set is required when the programs try to link mysql database. Then you should check the file "", you will find the "root" user with the empty password. Then, input the right password and save the file, reboot the XAMPP...
Oh, the file "" is in: /usr/opt/lampp/phpmyadmin.

Second: "lampp security" can give you a chance to setup the important passwords to protect your system and files. It is a good way to do that. When you want to remove it , you can ran the comand:"lampp security" agian, and input the empty passwords....
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