Please help!!!

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Please help!!!

Postby wizardslovak » 21. January 2006 06:25

Hi i am new in linux and Apache. I made my own Web site and i would like to make it work online. i had instaled Xampp for linux 1.5.1 on Suse Linux 10.

If anyone can help me i dont know how to set up apache to view my web site online for others. I tried to understand documentation but still i cannot understand. Test is ok everything works but still i dont know how to do that. If anyone can help me i will appreciated it. Thank you

Please help.
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Postby Thulemanden » 24. January 2006 01:58

I believe xampp set it all up for you.

Place your files in /opt/lampp/htdocs/xampp.

Can you give us your IP-address to check for you?
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