cant get mysql and phpmyadmin working :(

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cant get mysql and phpmyadmin working :(

Postby marclar » 11. January 2006 19:04


here are my problems...
i have a debian linux server, with xampp installed...
Everything is working fine, but i have problems with mysql and (or) phpmyadmin.

i can acces phpmyadmin through browser (mydomain/phpmyadmin)
but, as root, i have no privileges, and also get this message:

Your configuration file contains settings (root with no password) that correspond to the default MySQL privileged account. Your MySQL server is running with this default, is open to intrusion, and you really should fix this security hole.

BUT. I tried to set mysql password with, lampp security, but it says:
XAMPP: MySQL has a root passwort set. Fine! :)

also i tried to set password in /lampp/phpmyadmin/, where http checking is used, and username is root!

no success...
so, how can i set the root password for mysql, or how can i see what password is used?(i dont remember setting any at installation)

the second problem is, how can i run mysql at all?
usually this goes something like "mysql -u username -p password"
but i cant anyhow run mysql, always get unknown command error.
also "locate mysql" says theres no such file!
though in running processes i can see mysql running..

i thought i could solve the first problem, if i could get into mysql console.. BUT I CANT :cry:

please someone help me out, i have no ideas any more.. and, excuse my English language, which is not my best quality :)

Thanks for help...
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Postby scranmer » 07. June 2006 10:05

had this second issue myself (always got "command not found") and stupidly it took me ages to realise its a Linux quirk/feature you have to have all of the command paths registered, by default it does not look in the current directory so you must type the full path to run an exe


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