Setting Apache config in a Intranet

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Setting Apache config in a Intranet

Postby ljungers » 03. January 2006 22:43

Have a small office network. All machines connect to a router with a firewall, PC's all run windows and have added a new machine running Suse 10.0 and Lampp on this machine, all works great (file & printer sharing OK). I wish to have the apache server work as a intranet server and yet allow for normal web traffic on all machine in this network.

Example: http://machinename/ OR http://machinename/index.php OR http://Vhostname/ that would serve a local portal or html pages, but if I was to key I would get the normal page for that web site on any PC in the local intranet..

If someone could help me or tell me of some good examples that would be cool. Have checked several FAQ but none seem to address both sides of what I'm trying to do. Have been told that a change in the network config on the lampp machine needs some changes as well but not sure on that.

Thanks in advance.
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