XSLT support on XAMPP & PHP 5.0

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XSLT support on XAMPP & PHP 5.0

Postby powderskier » 30. December 2005 16:42

Based on a post placed here:


"ok thanks..
i just found that
sablot is enabled but it is in php-4.4 of the LAMPP

but the current version running is php-5.0 which does not support sablot"

Is there any way to configure libxslt for use with PHP 5.0 & XAMPP? Is this something that is supported in the new XAMPP version that supports both PHP& MYSQL 5.0?

Can anyone recommend an alternative XSLT processor for use with Xampp & PHP 5.0?

Thanks for your time and help,

powder :)
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