Couple of questions!

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Couple of questions!

Postby yak » 26. December 2005 11:47

Hi Guys!
First of all: MERRY CHRISTMAS! :D

In those days I've setted up a test server which aims to be a production one, based over XAMPP. Maybe crazy but that's it.
I've now configured the privileges for my users on phpmyadmin and FTP, but I have a problem:
to reach the phpmyadmin login page all my users have still to login to the xampp login interface (the one which by default user is "lampp"). Why?

To put it simple:
if I access
I get the xampp login interface and ONLY AFTER the phpmyadmi login page!
Is there a way around this!?
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Postby Wiedmann » 26. December 2005 17:01

There is a ".htaccess" in the phpMyAdmin directory. Delete this file and change the login method in to "cookie".
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Postby yak » 27. December 2005 10:07

Tricky One, there's no .htaccess file in it, but still I get the login screen
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Postby yak » 27. December 2005 11:07

Wooops I found it! :)

By the way I'd like to pick up again a topic that was already started but got very few replies...Xampp on a production service with enanched security.
How would you work on this subject? I mean, how would you do that, very down to earth?
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